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When anyone is diagnosed with allergies/intolerances/coeliac disease, there is always the initial:

“I have no idea where to start! What can I eat? I am so confused and scared!”

Can you relate? We sure can.

That’s why we have set our selves a goal which we have to complete in only 100 days.

We want to create a FREE resource to help anyone who is feeling challenged living with allergies/intolerances/coeliac disease and find solutions to their challenges. It might seem like a tall order, but we’re ready! Are you?

Click here to read more about the project and share your story.


Dairy Free Chocolate: The Essential E-Guide

We’re really excited to announce that our Essential Guide to Working With Dairy Free Chocolate is finished!

If you love chocolate, if you have allergies or intolerances, if you are vegan, or know anyone who is, then this e-guide is for you.

You might be worried that you don’t have any experience working with chocolate. This does not matter at all!

Packed full of hints, tips, explanations and methods. Nina takes you through the ABC of working with allergy safe chocolate. She’s even included a couple recipes for you to practice with.

Want to find out more, and how to get your FREE copy (only available until October 15th 2016), click here >>

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